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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing consists of a marketing effort that uses an electronic medium or the internet. All digital platforms such as search engines, social media, email, apps, and websites that connect both businesses and customers are part of digital marketing.

As the best digital marketing company in Pune, we make use of numerous digital channels and tactics to connect businesses with customers where they spend most of their time i.e. Online. Right from the website designing, online branding, email marketing, search engine advertising, brochures sharing, and social media marketing, we take care of every aspect that goes into creating a successful digital marketing strategy that satisfies the needs of a particular business.

All the entrepreneurs and businesses need to focus on digital marketing strategies as the use of the internet & digital platform will always rise and there seems no end to its growth. Thus, it is better to concentrate on digital platforms for marketing purposes. Webocto digital marketing agency in Pune provides quality digital marketing services to all our customers keeping in consideration their requirements and budget.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing requires your presence on various digital platforms. As the best digital marketing company in pune, we make sure that your digital marketing campaign has customised selection of all these services depending on your target audience, requirements & budget. Here are some of the services that form an integral part of digital marketing framework:

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the best and powerful marketing tactics for businesses. SEO ensures organic visibility, qualified leads & relevant traffic to your website by optimizing your website ranking using different techniques. As the best SEO agency in Pune, Webocto uses white-hat technique to rank your website on SERP.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerful platform to reach your target audience. More than 80% of people are daily active on social media. As a well known social media marketing agency in Pune, we use proven strategy & fine-tuned techniques that help to popularize your brand and improve its visibility.techniques that help to popularize your brand and

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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click has been a very effective model of digital marketing. It brings heavy traffic to your website. Google ads is the most popular form of PPC and as the leading PPC management company in Pune, we recommended google AdWords for the digital marketing campaign. Take the first step to make your business grow online with our PPC service.

Our Digital Marketing framework consists of four major steps.

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  • Step 1: Define
    This is the basic step to identify & understand the target audience and business goals of our client. We create target audience profiles based on age, gender, income, interest & location.
  • Step 2: Implement
    In this step, we engage, aware, procure, and retain your customers through our digital marketing strategy. Implementation of the right digital marketing strategy is important to get maximum ROI. Our certified digital marketing experts plan a strategy that can get maximum ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)
  • Step 3: Analyse
    In this step, we compare and analyse your returns, and also analyse different channels to understand the best strategy and channel for your campaign. The input of this phase will help us in the next phase for improving ROI.
  • Step 4: Optimise
    Digital analytics data & insights are used to optimise existing campaigns and create new strategies to increase your ROI. We optimise your campaign to ensure that we are making the most efficient use of your budget to get you the best results.

Why webocto digital marketing agency

Webocto digital marketing company in Pune fulfill the digital needs of a business. Our services include SEO, social media marketing, PPC, website designing & development, content writing, online reputation management, app store optimization, email marketing & local listing optimisation, etc. As the best digital marketing company in Pune, we always have a clear picture of how each digital marketing campaign supports their overarching goals. Webocto, a leading digital marketing company in Pune has a profound experience in digital marketing handling local, regional, national & international clients. We very well understand the needs and requirements of businesses and work accordingly to help you achieve greater heights. We are today reckoned as the best digital marketing company in Pune owing to our excellent track record. Our clientele extends from domestic to international borders, operating across sectors like real estate, retail, education manufacturing, MLM, pharmaceuticals, among others.

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