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In November 2019, an education brand came to us with the challenge of creating their brand awareness to generate more leads for their upcoming batch. In addition to this, the client’s traffic had started to decrease as a result of a poorly managed Social Media Marketing by previous Ad agency. After understanding the client requirement, we began to evolve their social media marketing strategy, with our Social Media Experts.

How We Helped ?

1. On 1 November 2019 we started optimizing their existing social media account. We created new cover photo for their upcoming batches.
2. We started by creating Brand Awareness campaign for the client which helped us in reaching our target audience & increasing followers.
3. Our Team started researching best #hashtags for the client, we used mixed hashtags with high & medium followers.
4. We focused more on organic lead generation, for organic leads we started sharing Facebook post on targeted groups.
5. We had created Lead generation campaign.


Duration :- 3 Months.
Lead Generated:- 349 Leads.
Reach :- 40,360.
Impression :- 98,860.
CPC :- 35.93/- INR.
Adspent :- 12,540/- INR.
ROI :- 2,67,000/- INR.

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