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Bizz Infra

Bizz is a rising star in some of the best and biggest commercial real estate developments in Aurangabad. Their goal is to deliver superior construction projects to clients. Shrewd, innovative, and environmentally responsible construction are supported by Bizz Infra. Bizz is committed to upholding high construction standards with ethics, professionalism, dependability, and transparency.
Business Category
Real Estate Developer
Online Reputation Management, Lead Generation
Objectives for webocto
  • Objective : Strong Online presence, Brand Awareness, lead generation
  • Platforms handled : Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Search Engine
Tasks performed by Webocto
  • Social Media Account handling (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Social media monthly calendar preparation
  • Posting On Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn
  • Backlinking, Listing on business-related websites
  • Created Engagement campaigns for Facebook & Instagram
  • Landing page creation
  • Social Media Account handling (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)Lead generation on Social media platforms( Facebook & Instagram) & Google ads
  • Website SEO audit report Created
  • Blog Writing
Social Media Management
We have managed the project Bizz tower’s social media. Essentially, the project is a commercial development that is situated in a prominent area of Aurangabad. Location & pricing are the project’s USPs, so we designed our social media calendar with those factors in mind. We received some incredibly positive feedback for some of the social media content that was essentially trending. We have reached 25.6 K audience organically on one of the creative.
Social Media Page Insights
  • As per the insights below the page followers increased by 179% in just 20 days
  • The page view increased by 82%
  • 30,000+ views on Videos
  • Post engagement soared by 272%
To fulfill search queries we have worked on link-building strategies, wherein we created strong backlinks with quality content promoting our commercial project & builder information.
This strategy worked as a social validation for Bizz Infra, wherein we saw 60% Traffic on the website from the backlinks.
Our PR activities covered local News papers like Lokmat Times and Divya. These newspapers had posted positive reviews for our Project, i.e Bizz Tower.
Lead Generation on Social Media & Google
We have created lead generation & brand awareness, and traffic campaigns on Facebook, Instagram & google ads. When running campaigns, we targeted a local audience that was primarily Marathi and Hindi-speaking and had an interest in real estate investment. Through this we got some amazing responses & results.
Total Campaigns - 10
Total Impressions - 406,321
Total Reach - 125,388
Total Leads - 699
Total Ad Spent - ₹97,458
The creatives that generated good quality and quantity of leads are listed below.
Google Ads

We had also created campaigns on Google. The campaign type were Search & display ads.

  • Total Campaigns – 2
  • Total Reach- 40,686
  • Total Impressions -130,000
  • Total Leads – 74
  • Total Ad Spent – ₹42,200 (Exclusive Gst)
Lead Generation Conclusion
We Have Spent total ₹1,39,658 on both platforms from that we have generated 773 Leads. Through which we have reached 1,66,074 people
  • Total Ad Spend = ₹1,39,658
  • Average Lead Per Cost = ₹180
  • Total Leads/ Conversions =773