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Buzz Marketing

Generating buzz is important for every business. It helps you to build a community of followers and customers that will buy your products or services.

In this article, we will discuss how you can generate buzz with your business without spending money on expensive marketing strategies.

The most important tip is to be consistent and be active on social media.

What Is Buzz Marketing?

Buzz marketing or astroturfing is a viral marketing technique. This technique focuses on utilizing and maximizing the word-of-mouth potential of a product/campaign. 

This marketing aim is to spur conversations amongst the public. Mostly targetting customers’ friends, and family and initiating large-scale conversations on social media.

As people are talking about the products and services. It results in a wave of advertisements through word of mouth. This is an effective method to grow awareness and online traffic to increase profits.

Buzz Marketing Example

A classic buzz marketing example is using Influencers for marketing. They review the products or services and proactively start a conversation about their experience. And as they have a good online presence, they hold good control over their followers.

Their reviews are considered by their followers and can have an impact on them. A positive impact will result in a good impact and hence will be more likely to increase the sales of the product/service.

Different Types Of Buzz Marketing

Emotions play a very important role in everything. In marketing, if you involve the emotions of viewers then it is more likely that people are going to talk about it. Different tactics are used to attract the audience. Buzz marketing campaigns are usually differentiated into 6 different types.


The use of controversial subjects/ways of expression to generate buzz grabs people’s attention easily, This is a very risky type of marketing. It can backfire and fill negative thoughts about the product/service. The result can be reduction in sales and profit.


The aim of this method is to shock the audience. The feeling of being surprised will make people talk about the product/service.


In this type, humor is used to grab the attention of the people. Who doesn’t like to laugh and be happy right? This type of marketing surely impacts the viewers in a positive way.


Humans are curious animals in general. When you tell someone that you are telling a secret, it is more likely that they will listen to it very carefully. It helps people to get hooked and crave more extra information.


This marketing can be used when a service/product exceeds the level of expected quality/performance. People tend to get amused when they see something that had exceeded their expectations. Hence a buzz is created amongst them,


This is when a brand claims its product or service to be one of its kind. This gives a feeling of a revolutionary breakthrough.

6 Easy Ways to Use Buzz Marketing to Increase Conversions

Buzz marketing is an effective way to increase conversions by using the power of social media.

Buzz marketing is a popular form of marketing that uses social media to spread word-of-mouth about your brand. It’s a strategy that relies on the power of community and word-of-mouth to build awareness for your brand and generate interest in your product or service.

Here are six easy ways you can use buzz marketing to increase conversions:

  1. Create a buzz around your launch date
  2. Offer free gifts or discounts
  3. Host an event with giveaways
  4. Promote giveaways through social media
  5. Ask for reviews from influencers
  6. Use tweets, retweets, and shares as calls-to-actions

What Makes Buzz Marketing Work

The most important component of Buzz marketing is Social Media. Social media have connected people and are helpful to interact with customers. 

Receiving feedback has become much easier. It can be used to address problems and concerns. And most importantly it is used to promote services and products.

Influential bloggers are targeted. They are offered to try the product/service before its release for a published mention. They are using website forums to encourage the development of conversation or to answer the questions that are asked frequently.

The biggest difference between Traditional and Buzz marketing is the method. The aim of traditional marketing is to reach out to a maximum number of people with a hope that atleast some of them will be interested. 

Whereas buzz marketing aims to maximize word-to-word marketing. Mainly because it is more effective and unbiased, hearing about the product from the people they trust radiates a different impression.

3 Ways to use Buzz Marketing to Get Noticed

Buzz marketing is a strategy to create awareness and interest in your product or brand by getting people talking about it.


  1. Use social media to generate buzz:

– Post unique content on social media platforms that will get people talking about you and your brand.

– Create a hashtag for your campaign and use it consistently throughout the campaign.

– Share on your company’s blog, website, Facebook page, etc.


  1. Use influencers:

– Find the right influencer for your campaign by researching their interests and following them on social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

– Reach out to them with a personalized message explaining why they should be interested in promoting your product or brand using their platform of choice (i.e., Instagram). – Offer them free products, discount coupons, or a meal from your company in exchange for their help.


  1. Create custom content:

– Create a custom video that relates to your product or brand using the hashtag you created in step one.- Share on social media and get people talking about it.

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Bottom Line

In conclusion, there is a lot to take into consideration when running an influencer marketing campaign. From the type of influencer to the type of content they are creating, to the type of audience they are targeting, and how often they post. It is imperative that you take your time and do your research before launching a campaign so that you can get the desired results.

Alternatively, you can hire the best influencer marketing agency for yourself. The creative agency or the branding agency, in specific, handles all your influencer marketing tasks with a strategy that actually works.