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Cashless is Gurgaon based fintech start up company which provides payment gateway for all your transactions. Cashlesso revitalizes your business & personal transactions in the safest and efficient manner.



Objectives for webocto
  • Building the narratives around the brand
  • Improve engagement and sales
  • Connecting with customers & prospects
  • Prioritizing core Online Reputation Management (ORM) practices.
Platform we use

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google my business, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook ads manager, Google Ads, Google analytics

Strategy Implementation
  • With the help of online platforms we share Compnay’s vision, mission, products through engaging content.
  • Maintainning social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr and many more to increase the engagement from audience.
  • Being fintech company there are many challenges to tap rural market, so we created content for rural people which is engaging, easy to understand, knowledgeable.
  • Strategise & implemented various backlinks creation whic aid in SEO.
  • Successful implementation of marketing campaigns on Google which helps businesses to generate quality leads.
Social Media Page Insights

Using social media platforms Cashlesso  can connect & engage with their  loyal customers where there presence is. With engaging content Cashlesso increased its website traffic & remarketed the same audience which helps them to increase sales. 


Instagram & Insights

We have organically reached the top of Google Images through relentless efforts like backlinking, image submission, and account creation on business listing sites.

Through frequent posting, Google My Business profile optimization, and account creation, we also rose to the top of search engine result pages (SERPs).

Pinterest & Insights
With the help of Pinterest Cashlesso reached new audience, can drive more traffic to website,which helps Cashlesso to increase conversions through Sign ups, Chat bots & many more.Through this activity Cashlesso gained a massive hike of 17544% in impressions.
LinkedIn & Insights
For fintech company their maximum audience is active on LinkedIn platform, So optimization & continuous posting helps Cashlesso to grow its network & gain trust amongst B2B businesses.
Paid Ads
As per the discussion with client, for paid ads their main objective is to generate quality leads for the business. So we have decided to go for Google Search Ads which will gives us the maximum conversion.
1. Google Ads

The main objective of running ads was to target customers on online platforms who arelooking for a payment gateway.
For the same purpose we have created landing page.

Landing page URL – https://paymentgateway.cashlesso.com/

As per the objective of quality lead generation we have shortlisted various keywords which are necessary for our business & customers are searching for. We optimized the campaign many times as per the suggestion by Google to generate quality leads from the campaign
CTR - 3.33%
Impression - 234k
Avg Cost / Click - Rs. 10.18

We have generated 80+ chat bot leads during the campaign

Ad Spent - 55.6 k
Leads Generated 740
Avg Cost / Click - 10.18

The above data is from 1st Oct 2022 – 31st Dec 2022, During this period we have generated total 740 leads.