Got My Space

Got My Space is a next-generation, technology-based and one-stop platform for all requirements of co –working spaces. GMS offers numerous ready-to-move-in options for co-working, co-living and residential spaces. In September 2019, we got in touch with the client by lead generation campaign. Client wanted a dynamic website with suits his business model. Our Website designers created a dynamic aggregator website, where people can list their residential, co-working space by themselves by just signing up. As the website was ready now we wanted to boost the website presence to large number of audience As per the client requirements we created a digital marketing strategy

How We Helped ?

1. We started optimizing their social media account. We created their New social media ad account to run campaigns.
2. To Reach to The right people, we used a combination of data from our social listening activity and demographic information We got from result of campaign.
3. We started off by testing a variety of different ad creatives, targeting segments, and placements. This helped us find a few combinations that delivered the most visibility for client in terms of social media fan base. Once the fan base was established, we started growing the engagement rates of posts.
4. The strategy we used to get in front of new customers was behavioral targeting. We implemented geographic targeting of ads and Lookalike Audiences.
5. We Reach upto 10,712 people with a single campaign in just a month. We also doubled Facebook reach within three months and monetized new fans.


Duration- 3 Months.
Lead Generated:- 349 Leads.
Reach:- 10,712 .
Impression:- 14,860.
CPC:- 166.63/- INR.
Adspent:- 1,879.38/- INR.
ROI:- 2,25,800/- INR.

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