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Harman Chahawala

Harman Chahawala

Beginning in the early 1990s, Harman Chahawala has been in the tea-selling business. In 2018, they formally established their brand as Harman Chahwala. Today, this flavor is offered in more than 100 outlets throughout Maharashtra. Additionally, it has made an impact outside of the state’s borders in places like Goa, Karnataka, and Kerala.
Business Category
Tea Franchise Business
Online Reputation Management
Objectives for webocto
  • Strong Online Presence, Brand Awareness, lead generation
  • Platforms handled :  Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn,Twitter and Google Search Engine
Tasks performed by Webocto
  • Social media account handling (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn)
  • Creation of a dynamic SEO friendly website for business
  • Social media monthly calendar preparation
  • Posting On Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn& twitter Backlinking, Listing on business-related websites
  • Created Engagement campaigns for Facebook & Instagram
  • Making multiple landing pages for lead generation
  • Branding includes the creation of leaflets, Invitations, Standy Designing
Social Media Management
We have managed the Harman Chahawala social media handles. We received some incredibly positive feedback for some of the social media content that was essentially trending topics or meme topics. We have created posts on trending social media topics for those we have received good engagement & followers on social media channels
Social Media Page Insights
  • As per the insights below the page followers increased by 179% in just 20 days
  • The page view increased by 82%
  • 30,000+ views on Videos
  • Post engagement soared by 272%
Page Insights
  • As per the insights below the page followers increased by 179% in just 20 days
  • The page view increased on Facebook by 56%
  • Profile visits on Facebook soared by 6144% & followers increased by 16%
We have created Google business listings for some of their franchise which was opened in Goa, Satara, & Sangli region.
To fulfill search queries we have worked on link-building strategies, wherein we created strong backlinks with quality content promoting Harman chahwala
We have created leaflets/standee/ other branding materials for harman chahawala
Lead Generation on Social Media

On Facebook and Instagram, we have created lead generation, brand awareness, and traffic campaigns. We have conducted franchise marketing campaigns. We advertise the brand’s franchise opportunities across Maharashtra. Through this, we received some incredible responses and outcomes.

Total Campaigns - 20
Total Leads - 2000+
Total Ad Spend - ₹63,557
Total Reach - 655,668