The Office Club

The Office Club - Is A Co-Working Community Created For Startups,Freelancers And Business Owners With A Startups Mindset. In November 2019, This Company came to us with the challenge of creating their brand awareness and lead generation to create more leads for their Coworking spaces.

How We Helped ?

1. We implemented Facebook ads across all regions to help boost brand awareness and demand. These were overlaid with CRM data to target both previously dormant customers as well as key competitors in each area.
2. At the base of our strategy, we analysed over 250 enquiries and mapped them to job titles, and segmented these into two main groups of people looking for office space – entrepreneurs and office managers.
3. We brainstormed the most common issues within an office, from pay and culture to working conditions, and developed a stream of content to target our other audience.
4. Targeting ads across the web and social media around that exact time is what makes it possible for us to lower cost-per-order and deliver the highest return on ad spend.
5. we’ve developed lookalike audiences across all locations to expand reach and implemented geo-fencing strategies
6. we constantly shift ad spend to the most efficient media based on the data


Duration- 3 Months.
Lead Generated:- 420 Leads.
Reach:- 165,407.
Impression:- 98,860.
CPC:- 35.93/- INR.
Adspent:- 5686/- INR.
ROI: 3,18,000/- INR.

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