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Technical Avi

Technical Avi

Technical avi is a forex influencer, expert trader, and investment coach with 200K+ subscribers on YouTube. He is an expert in binary trading, and he shares trading knowledge on his YouTube channel. The Technical Avi provides professional expertise and thorough education in trading, where you can pick up a lot of useful skills and strategies that have been tried and tested. These techniques make trading simpler.
Business Category

You Tuber


Youtube & Social Media Management

Objectives for webocto
  • Strong Presence on youtube & increase video views & subscribers
  • Strong Social media presence
Tasks performed by Webocto
  • Social media account handling (Facebook, Instagram).
  • Creation of a dynamic, SEO-friendly website for business.
  • Youtube’s 50 videos views increased.
  • Social media monthly calendar preparation and strategy creation
  • Posting On Facebook, Instagram
  • Thumbnail Created for Youtube videos & Images for telegram channel
  • Created Engagement campaigns for Facebook & Instagram
YouTube Management

For the purpose of increasing YouTube video views and subscribers, we have run paid advertisements. We were successful in increasing the views of 60+ videos. Below are some screenshots of the campaigns.

We have successfully delivered video views of 0.15 - 0.24 Cost per view with a Budget of ₹3,16,000.
Social media Management

We manage the Harman Chahawala social media handles. We received some incredibly positive feedback for some of the social media content that was essentially trending topics or meme topics.

Page Insights
  • As per the insights below the page, followers increased by 10.5 %
  • The page reached increased on Facebook by 100% & Instagram by 44%
  • Profile visits on Facebook soared by 100% & followers increased by 30.7%

We increased the number of views on YouTube for 60+ videos, 1.5+ million views for an approximate budget of ₹3 to ₹3.5 Lacs.